Welcome to 3rd Grade

     Welcome back for a wonderful 3rd grade year! We are so excited to have the opportunity to work with your child this year. We feel home/school communication is vital for children to experience success in school. We want you to feel free to email us, to send a note, or to call us if you ever have questions or concerns. We welcome your comments and feedback!

      This will be a challenging year for your child. He/she will learn to become a deeper thinker. Your child will learn to think more critically and to analyze concepts. At first, this may seem difficult, but we assure you your child can experience success. We will continually work to model and teach these skills at school. You can help at home by encouraging your child to think critically and not look for the “quick” answer. Help your child to maintain a positive attitude even if things may be a little tough! By doing these things, your child will develop higher order thinking skills as well as learn how to be more independent. Again, thank you for the opportunity to work with your child. We are going to have the BEST year yet!!

Third Grade Teachers

The 3rd grade teachers are

Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Mixon, Ms. Lewis, and Mrs. Thomas