End of Year Celebrations

Richard Carroll Elementary School End of Year Celebrations with outlines of diplomas.

Please use the following chart to determine your
child(ren)'s end-of-year celebration time and location.



May 31, 2023


June 1, 2023


June 2, 2023

8:15 AM

4k (Cafeteria)

5K Graduation (Cafeteria)

1st Grade (Classrooms)

9:00 AM


5K Graduation (Cafeteria)

3rd Grade (Classrooms)

9:30 AM


4th Grade (Gym)


9:45 AM



5th Grade (Gym)

10:15 AM


2nd Grade (Gym)


1:30 PM

6th Grade (Gym)




We hope you will join us as we celebrate our students this year!